For the love of peanut butter

Much has been written about peanut butter, much has been said and a lot, spread (on my slice of bread, silly). Now I don’t know why I chose this to be my first post but the way I came to love peanut butter is out of desperation.

It was sometime last year when I was living in Bangalore with a roommate and I was really hungry. Stomach growling, I rummaged her fridge. Eggs. No good for someone who doesn’t eat them. Bottles of mustard, chili sauce, gherkins, green and black olives and some weird sauces I had no clue about. So I went through her pantry and found grains, olive oil, sugar but nothing of use. Until I spotted peanut butter. Now, the first time I tasted peanut butter was back in school, sometime around 8th standard. One girl had brought PBJ sandwiches (it was the latest ‘got it, flaunt it’ thing) and one bite, I hated it. Hated the smell, taste and texture. Rewind to present day. I opened this bottle and spread some on a slice of toasted bread and somewhere in my brain a little voice urged me to add some honey. A bite later, I was in my imaginary heaven. And one fine day I decided to make peanut butter and I haven’t looked at a store bought one.



Peanuts – one packet, roasted

Oil – optional (any flavorless oil)

Honey – optional

Some patience – very necessary


If you have a food processor, well and good. Otherwise a mixie works just as fine. Just throw some peanuts in and grind, grind, grind! First they get broken into shards and then slowly the peanuts come together. After a while you’ll see they begin to resemble wet sand and form a huge ball. Use a spoon and keep scraping the sides and bring it together. Then you’ll see it starts become paste-like, that is when you add the oil. Not much, maybe half a tablespoon or so. I omitted the oil and added honey; the result – very sweet peanut butter. Spread it on bread, chappathis, dosais or just on a spoon and lick!


5 thoughts on “For the love of peanut butter

  1. I tried this. BRILLIANT.

    Except I went and bought unroasted peanuts and slaved for half an hour over a hot stove roasting them 😛 completely worth it though

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