Patatas bravas – Indian style

Yes I know the title sounds fancy and all that but it’s just plain potatoes in tomato and onion sauce. OK, don’t turn up your nose yet. It’s quite nice I promise you. So after a long day at work and just two meals the whole day, naturally I was craving carbs. Well, DUH. So the mother was going to fry onions, tomatoes and potatoes together and give it to us with chappathis but yours truly had an idea (of course!). Quickly Googled “potatoes onions tomatoes” and ended up with Patatas bravas. 

Except, I had to put my own spin to it.


Potatoes – 2

Onions – 2

Tomatoes – 2

Garlic – 2 pods

Cardamom – 4 pods

Cinnamon – 1 small stick

Salt, sugar, chili powder and dried oregano – to taste

Oil – for frying

Coriander – for garnishing

Patatas Bravas - Indian style

Patatas Bravas – Indian style


Peel the potatoes and chop into small to medium size pieces. Take a wok/kadai and pour some oil (I used oil+ghee) and drop the potatoes in when hot. Saute them for sometime and cover with lid. Keep checking till they become fairly brown on both sides. Or if you do have an oven you can just throw in the potatoes with some oil and roast till brown. On stove works just as fine.

Meanwhile grind together the onions and tomatoes into a purée. Take another pan and fry the onions, cardamom pods, cinnamon and garlic together till the onion starts to brown. Then add in the purée, salt, sugar, chili powder and dried oregano plus some water and let it boil. Once water starts evaporating, add in the browned potatoes and mix one last time. Garnish with coriander and pair with chappathis or rice. Makes for wonderful comfort food on a rainy day.


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